Friday, April 16, 2010

AJ from The 5:19 Show asks Robert Pattinson to pat her hand

Rob in this month's Cosmopolitan - Clean or Scruffy?

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Edward/Bella Ecliple Still From EW - HQ Scan

POPSUGAR Round 2 - Rob v Lady Gaga

The fourth annual PopSugar 100 highlights who's had the biggest and best year in Hollywood! Just as in 2009, it's a single-elimination tournament style with a bracket to help narrow down the perfect list. 128 celebrities have been picked and divided into four groups, which are ranked from 1 to 32. The stars were then paired up in head-to-head matches, and now Popsugar need fans to vote on who you think had the more exciting twelve months.

Round one is now complete. Round two onwards will last one week. Rob won last year with Reese Witherspoon in second place.

Rob in this week's issue of People Magazine



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Pattinson Still an 'SNL' Wish for Michaels

Twi-hards, keep your fingers crossed: Robert Pattinson may yet host "Saturday Night Live."

"SNL" creator Lorne Michaels told OK! Magazine that he's all on board getting the "Twilight" star to host the show.

“We asked him this season,” Michaels told the magazine. “And then he did Jimmy’s show and that went well for him."

Last year, he told the same magazine he wasn't sure if Pattinson would make a good hot. "You never know," he told the magazine.