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First Scans of the Companion Book - Eclipse

Twilighters Italia has the first scans of the Eclipse Companion Book.
You can see the pictures here.



DVD News! 'Remember Me' and 'The Bad Mother's Handbook'

Remember Me

Remember Me DVD is coming out this Tuesday, June 22.

You can buy the DVD and Blu-ray at Amazon.

There's also the $8 'Remember Me' Coupon. Click HERE to get yours. (Not valid for online purchases)

The DVD Special Features are:

- The Making of Remember Me
- Audio Commentary w/ Director Allen Coulter
- Audio Commentary w/Cast including Robert Pattinson

The Bad Mother's Handbook

The DVD comes out on August 24 and it's already available for pre-order HERE at Amazon.

Pre-order info for The Bad Mother's Handbook via RPAustralia and TwilightBritneyFan

Rob, Kristen and the Eclipse cast in Sugar Magazine

Scans: YasminHughes

Rob's Interview with Italian TV

Translation by fritzerina

He is telling that they got an interview with him in LA and he says he was sorry not for being in Italy promoting Eclipse because of working conflict. He says he went to Italy for New Moon and that Montepulciano is stunning the weather was amazing. Every night he loved to stay out with a glass of wine thinking "this is ridiculous".

He also says that he doesn't like vampires that much , he saw the saga movies but for him all the vampire fangs are the same.

He really likes the worldcup, so the interviewer says that we are waiting for the Italy vs England match. Rob laughs and says it would be fun to be there watching it.

Then he says "Ciao Italia"
And by [info]mesycullen

e said he loved to work in Italy on New Moon, that they were in a litte and wonderful hotel. Montepulciano is a unique, the weather is amazing and they were every evening on a hammock with a glass of wine. They say that Edward is very somber and on the contrary Rob is absolutely enjoyable. he's not a vampire's fan that a fangs are all the same. He said is a footbal fan and watch the worldcup and talk about an hypothetical final Italy-England ... and that he would like it!




"I feel much better with short hair. Before I felt as if I was wearing a wig. When I cut them, it seemed like I automatically gained abs..."

And again .. Another Interview ....

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* By Elle Halliwell
* From: The Sunday Telegraph
* June 20, 2010 12:12AM

GIVEN Twilight's phenomenal international success, it's hard to imagine the next instalment of the vampire flicks could be a box office flop.

But Robert Pattinson isn't taking anything for granted on the eve of the release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

"To be honest, I'm more terrified that it's going to come out and no one's going to see it," Pattinson said.

Speaking on the phone whilst driving on a Californian highway, Pattinson is refreshingly down to earth, far removed from the hype that surrounds his Hollywood hunk status. His American twang from Twilight is replaced by his polite and friendly British tones and he seems genuinely keen for a chat - despite his reputation for being as brooding as his Twilight persona, the mysterious Edward Cullen.
He sounds kind of flattered, although wary, when this Insider admits to being an avid Twilight fan.

"Have you ever done an interview with a journalist who was a crazed Twilight fan?" I blurted.
"I think I've had one," he muses. "She was from Vietnam and she was having a full-on panic attack in the interview, which was quite funny."

With two blockbuster films already on the 24-year-old's resume, three more in the works and millions of adoring fans, Pattinson has Hollywood at his feet.

The first two instalments, Twilight and New Moon, have broken countless box-office records, grossing more than $60 million in Australia alone and $1.3 billion worldwide.

The success was initially based on the cult following of Stephanie Meyer's novels, which centre around Pattinson's character Edward, his mortal love interest Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) and a werewolf named Jacob (played by Taylor Lautner), who is also vying for Bella's love.

The latest instalment, directed by David Slade, is slightly darker than the first two with a larger cast which includes Australian Xavier Samuel, whose character Riley leads an army of newborn vampires on a killing spree in Seattle.

"There's more action in it and I guess it's dark and more violent, but I always thought the tone of New Moon was quite dark," Pattinson says.

The actor's relatively new-found fame has brought with it an unwanted spotlight on his private life, in particular his much talked about relationship with co-star Stewart.

"It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes," he told a British tabloid earlier this year, giving the media the first real proof the pair are, in fact, an off-screen item.

The intensely private star refuses to give press any fodder about his relationship - not for any amount of cash the gossip magazines might throw the couple's way.

"I don't understand why some people (sell stories) because it only ends up in sadness for yourself. I try to avoid it," he says. "It becomes about money, and as soon as you start selling your actual life then you're going down a really bad road.

"As long as you keep your job and your life separate, you're much happier, and it's much easier to deal with things and it's much easier to escape."

Pattinson, whose unruly head of hair and piercing blue-grey eyes have secured him spots atop a string of "world's sexiest" lists, can't see what the fuss is about, bewildered by the attention on his looks.

"I remember when I had my hair cut and it was on CNN," he said. "Have they got nothing better to talk about? It's quite funny."

Pattinson cut his locks for his latest movie, Water For Elephants, in which he plays a veterinary student working at a circus who falls for an equestrian rider, played by Reese Witherspoon.

"The whole mentality of the character is completely different to Edward and I haven't really had an enormous amount of time to prepare for it," he says.

It was filming this movie that prevented Pattinson from visiting Sydney with Lautner and Stewart earlier this month to promote the new Twilight movie.

"I haven't ever been to Australia but a lot of my best friends from school have moved there, to Melbourne," he says excitedly, using our chat as an opportunity to get in touch with a long-lost mate.

"If Charlie is reading this, tell him to call me," he says. "We used to stay in contact via Facebook but I can't really have Facebook any more because it kept getting hacked into so I haven't talked to him for a while.

"Tell him to call my mum because he's probably still got that number."

As for what the future holds, there's the strong possibility he won't be in front of the lens forever.

"I really enjoy it (acting) but there are a lot of other things I want to do as well. I really want to produce a movie," he admits.

As for whether he will miss playing Edward when the fourth and final Twilight film, Breaking Dawn, is completed, the actor's feelings are mixed: "I don't know. I did some shoots for Eclipse a few weeks ago and it did feel so familiar ... I guess I'm going to miss it quite a bit when it's finished."

But there's one element he won't be sad to leave behind: "The contact lenses are the most annoying things to put on every morning.

"I bet you the next thing I do will be some prosthetic-heavy part, playing a cow or something."

That's still some way off though, with production on Breaking Dawn beginning later this year.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens on July 1


Full interview with Robert on Polish TV


R: He has been learning Polish for three weeks.
I: Why?
R: He says he have to speak Polish in his new film. He said 'podnieś nogę' in Polish - it means 'lift your leg up'.
I: It's quite a weird request.
R He knows and doesn't mean the interviewer to raise her leg.
I: It's funny he chose this to tell her.
R: He forgot for a moment what it means in English but now he knows and feels embarrassed. He says it in the scene with an elephant.
I: It explains a lot.

I: In Eclipse there are two main plots: love of Bella and Edward and rivalry of Edward and Jacob.
The trio had to shoot many scenes together. She hopes they get along with each other.
R: They always get along with each other. It's wonderful what happened to them but success didn't go to their heads.
Twilight has become a big phenomenon but they were together in it from the start and they supported each other and it's amazing.

I: She has read he didn't want to go to the test shooting because he was afraid he was not able to play perfection of Edward.
R: He says that it's funny because later he decided he would play Edward as so insecure and doubtful about himself as you could only imagine.
I: She asked if the fact he's British helped.
R: Yeah, definitely. Now when he thinks about it, it seems he played himself.
But it's funny because everyone thought Edward should be someone with absolute self-confidence all the time.
He never wanted to play him that way and finally everyone accepted it

I: He was named the best dressed man in the world. It's funny because as a British he rather doesn't mind what he wears, does he?
R: He doesn't. He jokes he is wearing the same clothes all the week.
I: A British friend of hers told her once they don't like when somebody pay attention to what they wear because it's so shallow and facile.
Is it true?
R: He doesn't know if it is some British mind-set but he thinks so. He is embarrassed when he is dressed to kill.
He doesn't like wear new clothes and anything flashy.
I: Last time when she interviewed him he had a ripped jacket. She asked if it was intentionally.
R: He jokes probably it was.
I: It was during Remember Me promotion, it was yellow jacket.
R: He seems not to remember he has the one ;-)

I:What does he think about the title the sexiest man alive?
R: He jokes it's obvious, he thinks there wasn't any competition.
I: The title seems so silly - "the sexiest man alive". She says he is British guy so he is supposed to be cynical.
R: Everyone who was named the sexiest in the world made a special interview about it
but he said: no way, I'm won't make an interview about what is a feeling to be the sexiest man alive.
I: He had to feel idiotic.
R: He said to them: you're insane. Don't you see you look like complete morons?
So he didn't give the interview an thinks and everyone was pissed about it.

I: Do people often think Robert is Edward? That he is the character he plays.
R: He says at the beginning it was frequent. At the fan conventions everyone believed the character stepped from book into real world.
I: Did they call him Edward?
R: Yes, they couldn't understand they're normal people.
I: Friends of hers ask their boyfriends: Will you be my Edward?
How did the movie affect his relationships with women? The expectations have to be high.
R: He is coping with it. He likes pressure. It makes him better.

Rob, Taylor and Kristen Dish on the Steamy Tent Scene