Sunday, June 20, 2010

Rob's Interview with Italian TV

Translation by fritzerina

He is telling that they got an interview with him in LA and he says he was sorry not for being in Italy promoting Eclipse because of working conflict. He says he went to Italy for New Moon and that Montepulciano is stunning the weather was amazing. Every night he loved to stay out with a glass of wine thinking "this is ridiculous".

He also says that he doesn't like vampires that much , he saw the saga movies but for him all the vampire fangs are the same.

He really likes the worldcup, so the interviewer says that we are waiting for the Italy vs England match. Rob laughs and says it would be fun to be there watching it.

Then he says "Ciao Italia"
And by [info]mesycullen

e said he loved to work in Italy on New Moon, that they were in a litte and wonderful hotel. Montepulciano is a unique, the weather is amazing and they were every evening on a hammock with a glass of wine. They say that Edward is very somber and on the contrary Rob is absolutely enjoyable. he's not a vampire's fan that a fangs are all the same. He said is a footbal fan and watch the worldcup and talk about an hypothetical final Italy-England ... and that he would like it!


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