Monday, May 10, 2010

Toronto Fans! Update: times and dates for "The Summer House" screening

I posted a few days ago the info about a "The Summer House" screening in Toronto. Now a quick update with times and dates

UPDATE: Through its official twitter (@WSFF) festival officials have confirmed that the Summer House will be screened June 3, 4, at 7pm. The complete lineup will be unveiled 5/11.

Update thanks to Late2TheParttee via RobPattzNews

The Summer House, a short film that Rob was in a few years ago, will be screened at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival SpecialtyProgram in Toronto, Canada on June 4, 2010.

It was also shown at the East End Film Festival in London on April 28th.

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New Picture of Rob, Kristen and Taylor on Oprah [uhq]

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Twilight' One Sheet from the Script Signed by Rob and Nikki Up for Auction For 'Do The Write Thin

ETA: Some people are saying it looks like Nikki Reed's signature instead of Kristen's. I don't know, the source says it's Kristen's signature, they probably made a mistake.

The one sheet is definitely signed by Rob.

ETA2: Post updated with new info from the source.

From our most generous donor, Jen Lameroux, a one sheet from the Twilight script.

NOTE: The item was given to the donor directly from Nokia with a letter stating these were Rob and Kristen's signatures. However, it appears the one sheet is signed by Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed. We checked with someone else who has the same item, and they concur after investigation that it is indeed, Nikki Reed's signature, not Kristen's.

This specific one sheet is currently in transit, so we only have the picture on the post to go from. We are so sorry for the misunderstanding, and we completely understand if you wish to withdraw your bid. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who alerted us to the discrepancy.

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How the auction works? More information here

OK! has new details about Eclipse reshoots

A visit to Vancouver to re-shoot scenes for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse recently doubled as a romantic getaway for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.The actors were re-shooting a scene where Rob’s Edward Cullen and Kristen’s Bella Swan kiss; and the “tent scene,” where Bella must choose between Edward and Jacob (Taylor Lautner).“Test audiences thought the tent scene too ‘dark and adult,’” a source tells OK!. To make sure it was just right this time, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer stood by director David Slade for three days of re-shooting.

Though each of the stars had their own, 1,600-square-foot suite on the 34th floor of the Sheraton Wall Centre, “Kristen’s room remained untouched for the duration of Rob’s stay,” a source tells OK!. “She stayed in Rob’s room the whole time he was in Vancouver.”

“Do Not Disturb” were put on Rob and Kristen’s door to prohibit anyone from entering — even maids.Bottles of red wine were delivered to their floor and Rob ordered orange juice, candied salmon and herb crackers from room service.And while there was no kissing or hand-holding during breaks on the set, Rob would guide Kristen by putting his hand on the small of her back, quietly showing his love with a small gesture.

Their romance will continue to blossom next week as Rob celebrates his 24th birthday on May 13. An insider close to the couple says Kristen, 20, is planning on giving Rob a rare vintage guitar for the occasion.

"She’s been looking at Fender guitars,” says a source. “She wants to get him something really special, something really rare.”


Japan isnt the only to have cool things. Thailand has them too - Thai 'New Moon' DVD Set

The box is the size of a board game box D:

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