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Rob's artwork included in PACT with Stars - Get a copy and help missing children charity

Remember Rob's artwork for PACT? It's now in a book!

PACT with STARS is a collection of artwork from international celebrities including Robert Pattinson, Roger Moore, Quentin Blake, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Kirk Douglas, Michael Caine, Frederick Forsyth, Neil Sedaka, Arfi Lamba, Christopher Plummer, Zoe Wanamaker and many, many more. To commemorate International Missing Children’s Day the charity Parents & Abducted Children Together invited celebrities and dignitaries from around the world to decorate an image of a balloon - the symbol of International Missing Children's Day.

The result is an exciting collection of sketches, illustrations and collages revealing the hidden talent of film stars, writers, sportsmen, politicians, businessmen, and artists. The original cards are being auctioned at where you can pick up an original piece of artwork from your favourite celebrity. If you miss out on bidding for the original, why not buy the whole collection in this beautiful book celebrating the event.

It is in full colour and has contributions from over 100 celebrities.

All proceeds go to PACT to continue its work with missing and abducted children. (postage and packing is at cost).

PACT is Parents and Abducted Children Together; our mission is the protection and retrieval of children who go missing for whatever reason.

Thank you for your support.

You can buy the book HERE at PACT's page on ebay-UK

Thanks to RobLovePatts for the heads up!

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Release Date Revealed

Part 1's release date is November 18, 2011

Universal Orlando plans to represent Cedric Diggory on it's Harry Potter Dragon Challenge attractio

Faithfulness to the film series trumped thoroughness in the case of the Dragon Challenge attraction. Many fans, including one audience member on this night, have noted that there are no banners or signs posted in the attraction’s queue in support of popular character Cedric Diggory (played in Goblet of Fire by a pre-Twilight Robert Pattinson). Paul Daurio fielded this question himself, “I want to personally apologize for not representing for Cedric and the Hufflepuff house.” Big applause erupted from the crowd. He continued, “We literally took the exact film reference as our reference for the movie. Every single handmade banner you walk past on your path through the Forbidden Forest into the Dragon Challenge is from the scene in Harry Potter and [...] the Goblet of Fire.” But in the end, Daurio admitted change is on the way, saying, “We plan to represent Cedric.” Even bigger applause.

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Say bye to Robowski! Rob wraps "Water For Elephants"

From Francis Lawrence, 'Water For Elephants' director:

Teen Now (UK): R-Pattz prefers to relax by watching movies

Robert Pattinson likes to chill out when he’s not shooting Twilight – by watching films!

‘I love watching movies, although I hardly have any time to do it,’ he tells Now.

‘But I watch them to be inspired to do other stuff I want to do.

‘I listen to music to be inspired to write music, so everything 
I do is to create something. I don’t really need to do other stuff to unwind or get away.

‘I love what I’m doing and they all feed each other.’

From time to time, Rob does try other ways of de-stressing but finds he just gets more wound up.

I did try to get a massage in Japan to relax and 
I was sitting there for an hour and half,’ he recalls.

‘I got 15 times more stressed out just waiting for that long and I thought, I’m not doing this again.


Read more about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in Teen Now Special Twilight Issue – on sale now!

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28 More 'Dossier' Outtakes Untagged!

Robert Pattinson is a genuine movie star

Brent Lang of The Wrap just doesn't get it. Plain and simple. In his provocatively-titled piece 'Zac Efron and the Incredible Shrinking Teen Idol Stars', Land submits that the newest generation of young stars (Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus, etc) have disappointed at the box office even as the numbers he uses fail to bear that out. Once again, a pundit has fallen into the classic trap: Because a movie star's latest movie has failed to match up with his or her all-time best performances, said actor's star must be fading. But it fails to take into account two obvious factors: not every film an actor makes is identical in appeal and marketability, and a star cannot be expected to top their previous best every time out of the gate.

As I've said any number of occasions, movie stars are worth certain paydays for certain projects.

The absurd idea that a small intimate drama starring a given actor should be expected to perform as well as a crowd-pleasing genre picture is asinine. In fact, such expectations actually discourage actors from stretching or trying artier or more challenging works.

Sure Remember Me 'only' made $55 million worldwide (on a budget of just $16 million), but that means that $55 million worth of tickets were sold completely on the shoulders of one Robert Pattinson (quick, raise your hands if you saw that one for Pierce Brosnan or Chris Cooper....?).

Thus, quite obviously, Robert Pattinson shouldn't be getting paid nearly as much for Remember Me as he did for Twilight Saga: Eclipse. He didn't, so the film's box office should not be judged on the same level.

Pattinson and Efron could spend their entire careers doing rip-offs of, respectively Twilight and High School Musical. The fact that they are instead making more challenging pictures, and still posting decent returns, means that they are absolutely bankable names on a reasonable budget

Star power isn't opening something that is already highly appealing to a mass audience that has the benefit of your name on the poster. Star power is scoring a reasonable or better opening weekend for a film that has nothing to offer except your name on the poster. On that scale, Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, and Robert Pattinson are genuine movie stars.

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More of Rob's song from "Songs From A Room"

More from Rob's song - different part from the other video

At 0:32 and 0:51

MP3 of the All in 1 video HERE

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An exclusive new series of 'pop up' concerts taking place in living rooms across London is generating buzz for featuring new acts and surprise guests including actor Robert Pattinson and The Magic Numbers.Matt Cowan reports.

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MP3 of Rob's part thanks to [info]brandnewluv

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Rob playing soccer on the set of 'Water For Elephants'? And Total Film features an article

Rob playing soccer on the set of 'Water for Elephants'? According to US Weekly, yes. Not the most reliable source, but let's hope it's true. Great to read about Rob having fun with the crew.

And a sweet article about the movie from Total Film (+ article about the Eclipse Soundtrack)

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some 'bel ami' news

From Total Film (september)
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