Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rob, Kristen and Taylor with BBC

Youtube thanks to [info]kjmchjzun

TV Guide Interview with Rob, Kristen and Taylor

press conference portraits

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preview of interview with Polish TV

here's preview of interview with Robert from Eclipse press junket with Polish TV.
The whole interview will be on Saturday.
I hope it works for everyone. Unfortunately there's voice over it.


He says he have to speak Polish in his new film (WFE)
How does he cope with comparisons to Edward?
He tries to manage it. He likes pressure because it makes him work better.
What does he think about the title the sexiest man alive?
He jokes it's obvious, he thinks there wasn't any competition.
Why does he think he doesn't deserve the title of the best dressed man?
He doesn't like wear new clothes and anything flashy.
She said last time when she interviewed him he had a ripped jacket
(it was during Remember Me promotion) and asked if it was intentionally.
He jokes probably it was.
Finally he said 'podnieś nogę' in Polish - it means 'lift your leg up'
it's the line he says to Rosie in WFE


Another Rob, Kristen and Taylor Still from Jimmy Kimmel Live

The other two stills, hq and untagged (I don't see a tag)