Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Thanks to TAer Jane, we have a scan of the December 2009 issue of Sci Fi magazine, which features none other than Twilight Saga film star Robert Pattinson on the cover. The magazine also contains a special New Moon article within the issue. Check out the cover below and more of what Jane had to say:

A nifty surprise arrived in my mailbox last night: the December 2009 issue of SciFi magazine with Rob Pattinson on the cover and a nifty “New Moon” article contained within! I especially loved Rob’s quote on page 49, “I also read Breaking Dawn, which helped me understand how Edward’s evolving and where he’s going. I look forward to making those films.” Yes, that’s “films” in the plural.

It’s titled “Love the One You’re With” using the original NM poster as the two-page opening spread and includes many of the previously released press pix (i.e. Bella/Edward almost-kiss, Jacob in the rain, Carlisle & injured Bella), a lot in 5 x 7 or above. Written by David Grove, who was apparently on the Vancouver set at some point of NM filming, as he speaks about watching 100 high school extras at the junior high doubling for Forks High, singing “Happy Birthday” to Bella as she exits her truck. “The past year has been insane and psychotic,” he quotes Stewart. “It’s surreal to be playing Bella a second time, and I feel like I’m growing up with her.” (pg. 44) The sky then gets sunny, and Weitz moves the production inside to shoot until the clouds return.

With Weitz watching intently, Lautner moves behind Bella and gently fastens a magical-looking necklace around her neck just as Robert Pattinson, covered in vampire makeup and sporting yellow contact lenses, appears in Bella’s view, much to the delight of scores of onlookers who gather around the outskirts of the filming location for a peek. Stewart then moves over to Pattinson and stands on a riser to kiss her co-star while everyone else watches and wonders if this is really Bella kissing Edward or if this is just Bella’s dream. (pp 46-47)

Weitz: “My vision for New Moon has been to work with a full range of colors so that the film looks somewhat like a Victorian painting in terms of using medieval jewel-like colors and lots of glossy blacks. I wanted the film to have a classical kind of look.” “It’s a story about heartbreak and loss and reunions. Beyond that there’s vampires and werewolves, but what’s great about the books is that the genre elements are grounded in characters and human feelings that everyone can identify with.” (pg. 49)

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