Friday, October 16, 2009

Quotes from SELF Magazine Photoshoot from Kellan

Huge thanks to Frances Martinez from SELF Magazine for sending me some quotes from the photoshoot for their magazine and also sending me some of the pictures. Make sure you check out the Behind the Scenes video from the shoot here at

Kellan Lutz:

What’s your favorite flavor of muscle milk!

KL: the chocolate Malt. As far as any protein, all the protein powder stuff it just tastes like protein so you need something that tastes great with it. I mean vanilla’s great, mint’s great, muscle milk has just has so many flavors so it’s nice to mix it up but chocolate you just can’t go wrong with!

So if you’re gunna indulge, what’s for desert?

KL: Muscle milk! [laughs] throw some peanut butter, throw some bananas in there it’s like a milkshake! I love Pinkberry, Pinkberry’s great, I have a candy drawer, so whenever I cook a meal I just go to my candy drawer, I usually cook a lot of fish and steaks and hamburgers… as much meaty protein as I can and then throw vegetables as well

And what’s your personal style like, and what’s Emmett’s personal style like? Does Emmett’s have a personal style?

KL: Not very. He’s very athletic. So he likes wearing sporty stuff, stuff that maybe shows off his muscles, or you know, stuff that’s not too stiff. So that he could go eat a bear if he wanted to. My style is pretty comfy. I mean I just love jeans and boots, a nice little – Henley shirts, which is great. Just simple, thrown together. I mean layers are fun when its cold out, but when its not – I’m not into shorts too much…


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