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Translated interview

Robert is the perfect example of what the media and fame are capable of doing. It’s a huge stroke of luck, brutal and well-aimed that all of a sudden launches you to the highest peak of worldwide attention, away from good and evil. Something very tempting and are.

“I wasn’t expecting having this much success. It’s something I still can’t understand. The truth is that in certain occasions I feel dizzy and I still don’t know how to handle so much attention” he expresses, in a very shy voice, almost like a whisper, as if he was telling us a secret. His eyes, so clear they’re almost transparent, stare attentively at us and distract us. It’s not easy resisting his charms! His honesty wins us over though, because far from finding a male diva, we discover, little by little a sensitive man. Warm and charming. We don’t hesitate in sharing with him what we really think: luck, yes, it’s fundamental, but if it doesn’t come hand in hand with talent and magic, everything remains just an anecdote. Robert smiles, he likes the idea. For now he knows that in talent he has exceeded expectations but he worries that he might not be up to the hype and the phenomenon that he’s become. It’s clear to us; charisma is authentic. And after this interview, there’s no doubts about it.

Last time we saw you, Twilight was about to be released and you said you didn’t know what to expect of the movie, and that everybody was looking forward to it. After all the success and box office numbers, how do you feel?

It’s very strange. I can say that everything has happened very fast. Like I’m fast-forwarding through life. Like everything around me is happening at 1000 m/p. The way you fast-forward a movie, just like that. I never thought the movie would cause such a stir. Seeing girls screaming around me is so bizarre. Sometimes I can’t believe is all about me. It’s like I’m living inside a movie, but I wake up and it’s all real. I see that it’s real and how much my life has changed. I still don’t know in which ways my life has changed, I’m still figuring that out. And I don’t know why but I think it’s going to take me a long time to figure it out. I guess it’s normal, don’t you think?

Of course! But we can’t deny that you’re already such a phenomenon by yourself. You have fans waiting for your next movie and wondering what you’re up to. Are you aware of that?

Yes, in fact, that’s the most strange part of it. For instance, I haven’t been able to see the final cut of New Moon, and I’ve read so many comments and opinions about it already. It’s something I can’t understand. It’s like everyone else can read into your future or, like they have more information of your life than you do.

Does that generate any pressure for you? Has it affected your work or changed you freedom in doing other things, or taking chances for fear of not acomplishing what others expect of you?

Honestly, no. In that sense I feel like I’m the same person i’ve always been and I feel I have all the freedom in the world. I’m still doing my job as best as I can, and most importantly, I still enjoy it. I admit that I do feel more safe in movie sets that on the streets. I never thought that one day that would happen, but I feel that in movie sets I can be myself, and be more relaxed and focused on what I have to do. When I go out for a walk, I have to be aware of everything that’s around me and that’s out of my control. On a familiar set at least you know what to expect most of the times (laughs).

Does it affect you what tabloids say about you and seeing yourself in the cover of these magazines?

Not at all. I don’t like to read them or be aware of what they say. At all. It’s something I avoid completely. I do my work, live my life and follow my intuitions. I make my decisions the best way that I can and that’s it. If you pay attention to any of that, you’ll lose. I’m aware of that and I try to be very careful about it. I try to live away from that, saving my self disgusts and headaches.

In Twilight we got to see some sexual tension between Bella and Edward. That’s something very enigmatic. Will that continue in the rest of the movies?

I don’t think there was sexual tension, nor do I think that that’s the focus of the movies. I don’t see it that way. I think it’s a stroy about what it means to commit to a feeling and to the person that you love. Above all, it’s about finding someone to love despite having to fight so many problems that might show up. What hooks you about the movie, I’m convinced about it, is that it talks about the fear of what can happen to you if you fall in love and give yourself away completely. Realising how far you can go for love, passion and being amazed by it. People identify with it more than you can imagine. To me it’s not even a story about vampires, but about feelings that we’ve all felt before. It talks about the fear of feeling those things. It’s a movie with so many meanings, that’s why I like it and I think that’s why people like it too.

Tell about how you can’t expect what’s going to happen when you go out.

Yes, it’s something I’m still taking in. I’m plain, I like normal things. But now there’s rumors about the places I like to visit, and I can’t go to those places anymore. One time I tried. I wanted to celebrate my birthday on the same place I always go to, and it was a total failure, There was so many people, I couldn’t have a good time. From that point on, I try to avoid places where I can be seen and become the object of paparazzi and curious people. I also avoid the hip, famous places where people think I might be at. I’ve changed them for darker places, those dodgy places where there’s good food and music. It’s sounds crazy, but I’ve had to develope strategies to go out with my friends and have a normal life. It’s the dark side of fame. But I don’t complain. I just asume that I have to deal with it now. Not everything can be perfect. I have so much already, having the oportunity of living from acting. It would be unfiar to say that I’m unlucky.

There are actors who would die to be in your shoes. Would you say that it’s a double life? The one that you live in front of the cameras, in red carpets and the one you live intimately?

Yes. In the end you have your real life and the one they make up in inteviews, not caring if what they’re saying is true or false. What’s true is that I’m too normal and I give them no material to write, so I’m an easy prey for make up stories. I should go wild and do crazy things so they have something to write about. My flaw for those tabloids is that I’m too calm and quiet (laughs).

And in those moments of intimacy and privacy, is it true hat you like to play the guitar? What do you do when you’re by yourself?

I do play the guitar. I have friends in Vancouver and I get together with them to play the guitar, listen to music. We spend the nights singing and swapping stories. I also do that when I’m at hotels. It’s relaxing. Music is my other passion. I hope I never leave it.

Speaking of passion and music, we know you write songs. What can you share about it?

I’m trying to write some songs for the next movie. I don’t know if it will be possible because of my schedule, but I want to do it. Music is the other side of me, it’s one of the things that complete me and I wouldn’t want to leave it aside for anything in the world. I have the intention of evolving in that aspect. It’s something I want to develope just as much as acting. I want to have a balance between those two things.

What other artistic endeavours are you interested in?

I always wanted to be a pianist and live in the south of France (laughs). But I’ve learned that it’s not important how you do things, but the final outcome. In life you always end up doing what you like. And nothing completes you more than that.

Do you have a spiritual side?

I believe in Karma. I believe it exists and whatever you do in your everyday life makes the eprson that you are. What you give in life comes back to you. I’m convinced of that, so I’m sure that everyday you have to be a good person and treat everyone with respect. We’re all connected.

We know you can’t say much about New Moon, but don’t leave before you tell us, did you have to go to some place dark to play this vampire again?

Yes, the truth is that the way I wanted to play Edward was less powerful. He’s a character that can’t change his condition, he didn’t choose his fate. He was unconcious when Carlisle turned him into a vampire. When he woke up, three days later, he realized that in oder to survive he would have to kill people. Imagine what would you feel like if you knew you would never grow old and that you would live forever. And what’s worse, you didn’t look for it. You become a sort of Superman without even wanting to be that, you were just a 17 year old kid. You must feel a huge impotence and frustration. Instead of believeing you’re hero, you’re a person who can’t find himself and doesn’t know who he is. Understanding that has been fundamental in understanding Edward. That very human side of him is what I love about him and I feel like I can relate to that. There’s something we all find hard to change and face about ourselves.


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