Sunday, March 28, 2010

On The Set - Bel Ami

Some info about the filming today.
  • Rob's hair looked just like on the BAFTA's & girls started to scream,BUT others told them off!
  • He will stay til 20th in Hungary,allegedly.
  • Rob only appeared for a few seconds, girls started to breath heavily, but everybody behaved.
  • There was no screaming or distraction on the set.. Rob looked serious.
  • Tom S.was on the set, Rob was far away from him..the gueards were very nice.. about 30 girls, all smilie :)
  • Tom was walking in leather jacket with 2 other guys..Rob was wearing a top hat on the set..
  • Tom S looked very handsome, tall and relaxed :)
  • Some ppl said that he was veiled with black blankets when he got in to the car ... poor bb.
  • The security is awesome.They let someone to look around in the lunch-break with her dog in the filming locations!
  • During the filmin Rob was walking next to a girl, across the street, passed by a carriage and kept on walking.. 4 times they repeated it.
  • The guards did a very good job, cos it was impossible to get close to Rob.. Rob was taking pictures after the scene prob with crew or cast.
(fan pictures with Rob are on their way,be patient.)
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Rob On The Set

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Rob is filming with Kristen Scott Thomas on the street..most of the girls feel speechless not screamy ..
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Rob with fans on the set of Bel Ami a few days ago - NOT Budapest

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