Thursday, March 25, 2010

Really Good Rob Interview With 20 Minuten Online

Translation - Questions - Thanks to [info]miss_snoopy25

Video 1 - They ask him about how it was to work with ex-bond Pierce Brosnan.
Video 2 - The interviewer compares Tyler to a chocolate dessert, saying that he's hard on the outside but soft on the inside and what you expect from him is not really what you get from him. Video 3- Then he's asked what he liked about the script and about the role of Tyler after playing vampire Edward in Twilight.
Video 4 - She then states that he started his acting career pretty young in Harry Potter and asks if that was a good "acting school" for a Hollywood star.
Video 5 - She also wants to know where he thinks the fascination for Twilight comes from.
Video 6 - And lastly she says that she noticed that at the Bafta's, people screamed more for him than Prince William. 

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