Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Le Journal RTL TVI (Belgium) Speaks About Robert Pattinson, Eclipse, Remember Me and Bel Ami

Here’s a video from Belgium’s Le Journal RTL TVI in which they discuss Robert Pat tinson, Eclipse, Remember Me and Bel Ami. There’s also a short clip of an interview with Rob. See the translation of the video below.

Translation done by Le Rpattz Club:

Let’s talk about cinema and the 1st images from Eclipse, a successful international saga.

In this new sequel , vampires and werewolves must unite their forces to protect Bella from a ter­rible menace. Edward, the vampire must cooperate unwillingly with Jacob, the werewolf. As for Bella, she doesn’t know anymore who she loves. Since 2008, when the first film was released, the Twilight stars can’t walk out as they want otherwise they can trigger off a riot. Robert Pattinson is the favourite target of the paparazzi. Outside shooting are becoming more and more painful. Robert is shooting a new film, Bel Ami , in Hungary. It’s a new romantic drama. Photographers disturb him relentlessly and between the star and the paparazzi, the war is on.

RP ”We had to redub all the dialogue for Remember Me we shot outside because we can only hear the clicking of their camera. They don’t respect anything so I don’t respect them either.”

But let’s come back to Twilight , the third installement , called Hésitation, will be released on June and all the attention is drawn towards the fourth installement whose shooting should start in November. An installement which will be divided into 2 films, shot one after the other but with distinct release dates.

Source for the video and trans la tion: Le Rpattz Club

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