Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Robert interview in the Norwegian magazine TOPP

He explains the beard!
Scanned and translated by me.

He has never flirted with a girl, and he's not very romantic. But we love the it-boy Robert Pattinson (23) anyway.

- Hi! Robert yawns loudly.
Tired or what? I ask.
- Hehe, I'm sorry. I'll shake off my tiredness. It's my first day off in a long time, the hunk answers.
Robert wears a brown wool jumper, black trousers, sneakers and a caps when we meet him at The Dorchester Hotel in London. With a huge beard and messy, half long hair, it's difficult to imagine Robert as the clean shaved vampire Edward Cullen. But he still looks handsome when he takes a sip from a bottle of Cola Light that stands in front of him at the table.
The last years have passed by fast for the English man. Right after he was done filming Twilight, he started shooting the film Remember Me, which arrives in cinemas soon. To be the new it-boy both in Hollywood and other places in the world takes a lot of energy from the 23-year old. Sometimes, it would've been good not to be recognised everywhere.
If you had 24 hours when no one recognised oyu, what would you have done?- Nothing special, really. It's a little bit weird, because I've been in London for a while now, and I can walk around and live my life as usual, something I didn't think would work. In the USA it doesn't work, though.
Maybe it's because of the beard?- Yes, I think that might be a reason.
Why did you grow a beard?- I want to try to go to an audition without anyone knowing who I am, and see what happens. But I don't think they'll let me keep it in my next movie anyway...

ROBERT IS PREGNANT!With the Twilight hysteria in mind, Robert now focuses on doing other movies in his career. These days, it's his new movie Remember Me that he's trying to promote. It's a movie where Robert plays the angsty teenager, Tyler, who's in deep sorrow after his brother's suicide, and who's at a point in life where nothing happens.
What attracts you about playing a teenager with problems?
- Usually when I read a script it's about an innocent, virginual boy who goes through and inner experience, and it always ends with a happy ending. But Tyler, on the other hand, I feel he was different. He was so lost. Therefore, the role gave me more room, and I couldn't compare the movie to something I'd seen before, Robert says.
Do you recognise something about yourself in Tyler?
- I wish I could. Tyler has that ability that he doesn't worry about the consecueces about things because he has so little to loose. But I can't live the way he does. I can't say something completely random because it will haunt me in months afterwards. Because of that, I never try to say anything controversial.
But the press still manages to find a lot of information about you. What is the worst thing you've ever read about youself?
- I especially remember one time when someone claimed I was pregnant. It said on the cover of an Australian magazine. It was a little weird.

Robert's goal wasn't to become famous, and he has never had a big dream of becoming it. But over night he went from being an unknown acor to a sex symbol for a bunch of girls. To keep his feet on the ground with such huge success, can be difficult.
What's your key to relax after becoming an idol for a lot of people over the night?
- I think that's the reason. The people who loose their minds, have fought to become famous their whole lives. And when they reach the top, they thinks "Yes, I deserve this!". Many people appreciates fame so much, it's scary.
For many people, a status as a celebrity involves a change in their style. Robert, on the other hand, looks very normal and relaxed in his clothes.
What kind of clothes do you like to shop?
- I like second hand very much. I love vintage, and I wish I could shop in vintage stores the whole time. But because a lot of paparazzis follows me around, it can be difficult.
What do you usually wear at finer events?
- I use a lot of Marc Jacobs. I almost always use his clothes on premieres because I feel it fits me, and I can't always buy something new.

Both as a vampire and as himself, Robert has a lot of female fans. But it hasn't given him a high confidence when it comes to flirting.
How do you flirt with ladies?
- I've never flirted with a lady, but if I someday went to a stranger lady with the intention of dating her, it would've never worked. I have to see the person at least 25 times before I do that.
Do you see yourself as a romantic person?
- I'm not romantic when it comes to girls, says the hunk, who confirmed his relationship with Kristen Stewart during the BAFTA Awards in London the 21st of February.
- But it's very difficult. We have to do a lot to avoid attention, Robert told the newspaper The Sun.

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