Monday, April 5, 2010

Rob Won't Attend Paris Remember Me Premiere

Rumor debunked

Earlier this week, word began spreading on twitter that Rob and Emilie would be attending the Paris premiere of ‘Remember Me’ April 6. The rumors began when French online movie site Allocine, posted a contest to win tickets to the premiere Tuesday.

@Moonmela has received confirmation that indeed Rob will not be attending the Paris premiere. Melanie emailed the film’s distributor (SND).
She translated their reply for us:
“Unluckily, nor Robert Pattison or Emilie de Ravin will be able to attend the RM Premiere in Paris on April 6th for planning reasons”

By planning, they likely mean scheduling conflicts. As we know from the daily news out of Budapest, Rob is busy wrapping up ‘Bel Ami’ in that country, while Emilie is working on the last season of ‘Lost’.

We look forward to hearing what French fans thought of ‘Remember Me’ when it opens in theaters next week.


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