Friday, June 25, 2010

Burger King Eclipse promotional items (Eclipse score, character portraits and more)

For anyone who hasn't kept up with the Burger King promotion for Eclipse, at you enter the codes from your game pieces which increase your level of Twihard-ness (lame lol). As you level up, you unlock goodies. I figured I'd save everyone the hassle of wasting time trying to level up so I snagged all of the goodies. The files were pretty big when I converted the portraits to PNG from PDF so I seperated them into different folders (Cullens, Wolfpack, Volturi, etc) so you wouldn't have to download the ones you didn't want.

If anyone needs them uploaded anywhere besides Megaupload, let me know and I'll get to it as soon as I can (if no one else does before me). Enjoy!

Edited to add a couple pictures of what's included in the zips. Note that not every picture in every zip is included (except the stills one). This is just a sample so you know what you're DLing.


Character Portraits: Bad Vamps

Character Portraits: The Cullens

Character Portraits: The Volturi

Character Portraits: The Wolfpack

Posters and logos (Cullen crest/Volturi crest/Wolfpack tattoo)

Stills and set photos

Trio cutouts

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