Friday, June 11, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel to do special Q&A with the Twilight Cast for 750 people

From RobertPattinsonNews-UK
Jimmy Kimmel will have a special Q&A with the Twilight cast including Rob following the taping of the show, Monday June 14.

A friend just got this email straight from The Jimmy Kimmel show!
Thank you for your ticket request to the Jimmy Kimmel Live Twilight Special. Unfortunately, we were NOT able to accommodate your ticket request because we reached our ticket capacity.
However, we some some good news! We are going to do special Q&A with Jimmy and the twilight cast members on our outdoor stage. We will invite 750 people to attend this special element of the show. You will not be in the studio for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show but you will be able to watch the show on a large plasma in front of the outdoor stage. At the end of the show, Jimmy and the cast members will come out to the outdoor stage and finish the show with the Q&A.

To make it fair for everyone, we will put the event up at 10pm tonight (6/10/10).

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