Monday, June 14, 2010

Photos from the Menu and Special Features and more details about Rob's Commentary

Details about the commentary - spoilerish if you want to save the lulz for when you're actually listening to it These are tweets from someone that already has a copy

Watching RM w Commentary.. Its Rob, Ruby and Emilie. Rob’s giggling alot.. very cute

Ruby loved Eddie’s Sweet Shop!

Pornographic poems in bold letters… teehee

Rob was only relaxed during the first scene with Ruby because she was calm..

He said when he was putting the books away at the Strand that he was reciting the alphabet to keep the books in order… lol

Rob had the most fun shooting the fight scene… no choreography involved apparently.

I was there when they filmed that. teehee. Rob loves the backpack

He claims to have stolen a guitar from set but producer says that they gave it to him.. lol

Lots of talk about hemorroid cream… SMH

Aww.. the scene where Ruby tells Rob about the art show was improv’d

Rob compared Emilie to a Spice Girl because she wore the white tank with the black bra… she didnt like that too much. lol

He was grossed out by the food during the dish washing scene and squirted Emilie square in the face the 1st time they shot that scene

Momma Pattinson thought Rob actually tattooed Michael on his chest.. lol

Ruby’s quiet thru the sex scene. I really hope she isnt in the room with them during this discussion

Rob wanted to be a cop after watching the scene with Chris Cooper and his partner at the precinct

Birthday scene had 5 PAs blowing out the candles at the same time

Ruby said she related to Caroline on a lot of aspects and truly enjoyed playing the role

Ruby is jealous of Caroline’s room

Rob says anyone would want a little sister like Caroline because she never gets annoying

Rob enjoyed watching the Oak room scene in NY because everyone got the baseball jokes and he didnt.

Rob loves the RM soundtrack

Museum scene was shot the day after Rob was introduced to a cab

Rob discussed the boardroom scene with Pierce weeks before filming it to make sure the emotions played out correctly

Wallsecks scene- Rob: Random spazmatic behavior.. he enjoyed slamming Emilie around on the wall that made too much noise

PSA: Make sure you’ve watched RM regularly before watching with commentary.. there are spoilers

Emilie was told to just attack n kiss Rob on beach… he was taken by surprise

Rob: When the poo has hit the fan…. <- I’m dying right now.. lmfao

Rob told Emilie to hit him harder when filming the break-up

Ruby says the party was a fun scene to shoot.. Rob says the little girls’ energy is scary

Ruby said that she listened to music to get prepped for the haircut scene. She had to be fitted for various wigs

They’re discussing th paparazzi’s obnoxious behavior when they were filming the stoop scene.

They had to keep throwing the fire extingisher because it kept bouncing off the glass

It took Rob a long time to get the hand puppet of the bird right on her back

WTC- Rob: It was so strange to see the scene you’ve filmed in context

Rob defines the office scene as the point in the movie where Tyler is at peace

Tears warning.. if typing gets a little funky, I apologize

They had to research if flat screens were around in 2001 which they were but extemely costly

Window scene- Rob: it was strange thinking about what was supposed to be happening. Emilie cried during the filming of that scene

The rooftop scene with Emilie and Aidan was done in reshoots

Rob was taken back by the exhaustion that Chris Cooper exhibited in the last scene.

Rob gushes about how fantasic an actress Lena Olin is.

Emilie says the train scene isnt sad but that she’s accepting what’s happened in her life and that she’s living for Tyler.

The credits are rolling and when Rob sees his name on the screen, he says “He did a great job.”

The film was dedicated to the victims of 9/11

They’re doing the sign off.. Rob thanks the audience for watching and hopes they enjoyed the movie

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