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Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with (Germany) BamS:Miss Stewart, Mister Pattinson, Mister Lautner...After you´ve done at least three movies out of the Twilight saga, do you think of the time when it ends?
ROB: I mean, it´s almost impossible to understand this kind of experience right now. It all happened in such a short period of time, it´s like a supernova.
KRISTEN: I really admire my role of Bella. She feels like a sister to me. I could do this, like, forever.

BamS: Which scene out of Eclipse do you remember the best?
KRISTEN: When Taylor actually had to say "I´m hotter than you" to Rob, it was so funny. I almost couldn´t stop laughing. Even after the like 50th time it was funny.
TAYLOR: I had to carry Kristen up of the mountain and while doing so I had to say 4 pages of lines. (he also tells the story about the thing they built for that scene, but they didn´t use because it looked not "real")

BamS: Who´s your "role model"?
TAYLOR: My role model is Tom Cruise. He´s got a lot of different facettes and he´s super nice. My female favorite is Jessica Alba. She´s a dreamgirl and dream co-star in one person.
KRISTEN: I defenitely look up to the rocksinger Joan Jett. I recently portrait her in a biopic called "The Runaways" and so I had the opportunaty to get to know her. Joan showed the all-male rock business that girls can rock out too. And she stayed the same, and you need to have a lot of courage to do so.

BamS: How do you feel when you meet a star?
ROB: I sat next to David and Victoria Beckham once, in a L.A. restaurant. That kinda shocked me, it was surreal.

BamS: What was the craziest thing you´ve read about yourselves?
Tay: That I was dead. Really! I died a couple of times. Once they said australian dancers had killed me.
Rob: I was voted for the best dressed man by a magazine. And I looked down on me; wearing training clothes, realy old, cut off shoes and tuxedo socks-so best dressed?

BamS: You find yourself put in situations you´ve never thought about, right?
ROB: Paparazzi follow me everywhere I go, like to the weirdest places. I have to get used to that. I was photographed while buying a pair of boxer shorts recently in London and a friend of mine was wiht me and he bought a pair too to make me feel more comfortable.
TAYLOR: The most bizzare thing that happened to me was when a woman from Sydney came to me and asked for an autograph on her arm. On the next day there was an article in the newspaper that she´d tattoed my autograph on her arm.

BamS: Twilight conveys some kind of old-fashioned themes. Like ever lasting love, no sex before marriage.
ROB: Some people meet in a bar and have sex the same night and stay together for the rest of their lives. Some are together without marrying each other, get 5 children and marry afterward. I think society shouldn´t put off rules about how you have to live your life. Every one should be able to decide on their own.

BamS: Edward seems to wake up some kind of archaic thing in women, the noble gentleman who is carrying his girl on hands. Where did the emanzipation go?
ROB: I kind of wondered about that too. Laughs.

BamS: What can young people learn from Edward?
ROB: He´s sympathetic, forgives his girlfriend even if she kissed another guy. Good man.

Bams: How much of you one can find in your characters?
TAYLOR: Privately, we behave like every other normal human being.

BamS: What do you do to remain the same person you used to be before this phenomenon?
KRISTEN: You just shouldn´t think about it that much. I mean, it´s great but on the other hand very surreal. It´s a heavy trip-but it´s a lot of fun!

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