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Robert Pattinson and Remember in Télé-Star Magazine — Scans and Translation

“I can’t walk down the streets alone anymore”

He will be 24 in a few weeks. He’s already the idol of the teenagers. Robert Pattinson has become famous thanks to Twilight and he is getting used to his celebrity status.

Between New Moon and Eclipse, you shot this film Remember Me. Why did you choose it?
RP: I read the script the summer after twilight and I found it original. It wasn’t like any other love stories. And the shootong dates were perfect. I had just 2 months.

The scene takes place in NY . You’re british. Did you know this town?
RP: Yes because my sister used to live there so I usually came to see her. I love shooting in NY. But today I can’t walk alone in the street. I’m always forced to go from one hotel to another

It appeared that during the shooting there were legions of fans and paparazzi. How did you stay calm?
RP:It was quite difficult at the beginning. Sometimes , 40 people were watching me. Once, I went to the toilets and one paparazzi told me ”If we don’t get a picture, we’ll bother you all day long”. (he smiles)

You never lost your temper?
RP: Once I almost did. I was about to shoot an important scene which required a lot of concentra­tion and I was interrupted a few seconds before. But the idea of hitting someone in front of all these photographers relaxed me.

And how did your costar, Emilie de Ravin, react?
RP: she was so cool and she is used to it . Lost fans also stopped her in the streets ( She is Claire in the TV series)

Do you enjoy your fame?
RP: It’s quite different in the USA and in England, where people leave me alone. The most difficult is the lack of spontaneity with human relationships. I can’t meet normal people without wonder­ing if our conversa tion will be on twitter or will be used in some other ways. It’s this aspect which is frustating in my new life.

Remember Me Review

A tormented young man seduced by the daughter of a cop

Tyler, a student, never get over his brother’s suicide. He lives with Aidan and often takes a walk with his sister, a young artist, who lives with her mother and stepfather. He is revolted when he sees that his father, a rich businessman, doesn’t care about her. One night, he interferes into a fight outside a night club and is sent to prison because he provoked a cop. Later, Aidan tells Tyler the cop’s daughter, Ally, is at their university and urges him to seduce her.


Helped by the delicate Emilie de Ravin and the young Ruby Jerins, Robert Twilight Pattinson shows his great talent in this drama which is about mourning and family reunion. A moving movie but with not too much pathos

Scans and Translation

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