Friday, April 9, 2010

Robert Pattinson in France’s TéléLoisir - Scans + Translated Interview

New York, in the living room of a large hotel. It’s not a teen idol that shows up in his leather jacket, but a discreet comedian that faces his career and idol status with a killer smile.

TL: Regarding filming in New York, this summer was a bit crazy.…
Rob: It was crazy! There were fans every where. Paparazzi would call out my name during scenes. The second assistant to the Director got angry. I thought it was going to be a small movie, filmed peace fully in the streets of New York (Laughs).

TL: Do you fully assume your super star status?
Rob: I think when you’re in the spotlight, the best solution is to keep the mystery going. Anyways, my pub­lic persona will not help my career. I’ve learned to go by unnoticed! It wasn’t easy but it paid off well. There­fore I don’t feel the need to rebel against the system.

TL: Like Tyler, your character who’s in full rebellion, where you a rebel as a teenager?
Rob: Not really. But I have to say that my parents were really understanding. When they realized that I wasn’t that invested in school my dad said: “Very well, stop your courses but you’ll have to find a job.”

TL: What are your other projects?Rob: I playgui tar and I hope to get an album out by the end of the year. I also started filming Bel Ami. I manipulate using love and sex intelligent actors such as Kristin Scott Thomas. It’s very odd! (Laughs).

TL: Remember Me is your first movie since the Twilight Saga. Not too much pressure?
Rob: Now that the movie’s coming out, I’m starting to get nervous. I felt like doing a story based in reality. It’s not only a love story. The characters face loss, sorrow and life. It’s not an action movie that will take over the box office but it’s important to me.

Note: I’d take the album part with a grain of salt.

Scans: Spunk_Ransom
Translation: Thinking of Rob

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