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Everything said about Rob at the Eclipse Press Conference and Twicon

Since it's Eclipse Press Conference day and Twicon in LA, I'll update posts with things people talked about Rob and then one later for Rob's Press Conference. At 7pm PST, Rob, Kristen and Taylor will be at the Twicon - I guess we'll have another entry for that.

I'll update this post if they say more things about Rob during the day

Eclipse Press Conference



- "I was bummed that I wasn't involved in too much action... I got to kiss Bella for the first time," Taylor says of new things in this movie. He says he and Rob didn't compare notes.
- Taylor gets to work with Robert Pattison more in this movie. "Usually I have to hate him in the scenes and it's difficult. He's such a funny nice guy," Taylor says. Awww... "As soon as they call cut, we just bust out laughing," he says.
- The tent scene is his favorite scene he got to do with Rob.
- More on the tent scene, specifically the line where Jacob tells Edward, "After all, I'm hotter than you." Context matters. Taylor says, "It's another one of those lines that was a little difficult to say to Rob."
- The whole cast, they're all friends. Taylor can't imagine filming without the whole cast. They hang out on the weekends. "We will definitely maintain friendship for a very long time past this franchise."


- @hollyoutbreak: Taylor Lautner: Workign with RObert Pattinson a lot
- @hollyoutbreak: LAutner: Hardest thing working with Pattinson hard because they hate each other in the movie its hard to do cause Pattinson a nice guy
- @BUZZNET: "The hardest thing about working w Rob is that Im supposed to hate him in the film. Its really hard to be mean to him. He's SUCH a nice guy"
- @hollyoutbreak: Taylor Lautner: Breaking dawn script is not completed yet
- @hollyoutbreak: Taylor Lautner: friends with kristen and robert pattinson close friends can't imagine not filming with them
- @hollyoutbreak: Taylor Lautner: Helps a lot workign with them and filming. Hangs out on the weekend Kristen and Robert pattinson will always be firends



- What's cool is that things change," Kristen says, regarding the major choices that Bella makes in this movie. "As soon as she sees him in the first one, it's done. But it's hard for her to get to the point where everyone will accept that," she says of the Edward/Jacob choice.
- Kristen admits she feels sad about losing things from the book, but she's relieved that "Breaking Dawn" is going to be two movies, meaning fewer cuts. She gushes, "I can't wait to see Renesme. I can't wait to have a kid and get married."
- "That scene is eternal and I have nothing really to do in it," Kristen says of her role in The Tent scene. She had to play "sleep." She adds, "I just remember it being really hot." She's referring to actual warmth, not to being in a tent between Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, though...
- Are Edward and Jacob actually good romantic choices? "None of our characters are perfect. They are all so crazy and messed up and that's why they go so well together," she says. She admits that if she were a friend of Bella's, she might be warning Bella to watch out for both Jacob *and* Edward.
- "It's hard to take details of your personal life and apply them to a scene," Kristen says, asking if she can relate to certain scenes. She's referring specifically to The Tent scene, again. "I wish it wasn't as hot," she adds again. Once again, warmth.
- Kristen suspects "Breaking Dawn" will be PG-13, but admits she has no idea.
- The "Breaking Dawn" shoot is going to be six months, starting in October, Kristen says. She says she's known that it was going to be two movies "forever" and she admits it's been hard to keep that "secret."
- Uh-oh. A personal question for Kristen about her relationship with Rob and speculation surrounding it. She has no answer and just says that speculation will probably continue.


- @hollyoutbreak: kristen Stewart: Fusterating watching old movies. Breakign dawn will be two movies excited to do it that way
- @hollyoutbreak: kristen Stewart: Can;'t wait to get marrried and have a kid in Breaking Dawn
- @hollyoutbreak: kristen Stewart: Breaking dawn it will be PG 13
- @colliderfrosty: Just asked kristen how long has she known bd would be two movies and how long is shoot. She said she's known 4ever and its a 6 month shoot
- @BUZZNET: Kristen says that she thinks the speculation about her and Rob will go on til the films end. (It IS relentless. We feel for them) #realtalk
- @BUZZNET: Apparently Kristen and Taylor end up cracking up more when filming scenes together, more so than with Rob #Eclipse


- @twilighterz: Liz says the weirdest piece of merch she's seen was Robs face on a piece of chocolate. Jackson says his band gave him a Jasper pillow!
- @TwiExaminer: #twitour @peterfacinelli says everyone wonders what he said to rob. He says it was I'm sorry, you belong to me, and Rob you're so sexy
- @TwilightLexicon: Xavier promises that he didn't mess up Rob's hair in the battle, but Bryce says that she did a little.
- @TwiExaminer: #twitour X says no1 has ever mistaken him for Rob. Says Twilight has had profound impact on his life, says it has challenged him.

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