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TWICON Master Post

RT @twilighterz: There is a delay. The trio has yet to arrive. #TwiTourLA
@LittleLauren: Robert, Kristen and Taylor are now on stage for the Official Eclipse Convention. The crowd is going WILD!
@letmesigndotcom: Rob, Taylor, and Kristen are NOT on stage yet.
@IceAngel34: People starting we want Rob chant
@poetrytoprose: wtf we have to wait 20 mins BLAH
@TwiExaminer: #twitour Rob, Kristen, and Taylor aren't here, will be arriving in 20 minutes.@RobPattzNews: There is a 20 minute delay bc Rob is doing worldwide media. We are now watching electronic press kit
@letmesigndotcom: Screams all around for the EPK. Wild screams for Edward and Jacob. This crowd is energized! #TwiTour
@RobPattzNews: Even louder screams for angry Edward outside Bella's house #TwiTourLA.. HOT!
@twi_tour They're here!!
@letmesigndotcom Rob, Taylor, and Kristen are here! Let the show begin! #TwiTour
@RobPattzNews: He's HEEERE!! Rob walking in to a sellout crowd!!! #TwiTourLA

@twilightlexicon: The sound is DEAFINING!!!!
@twilighterz: Rob wearing blue jacket & yellow shirt. Kristen jeans, white tee and military jacket, Taylor black shirt and dark shirt
@twilighterz: Rob jokes, "So you're all big Harry Potter fans?"
@twilighterz: Funniest moment on Eclipse set? Rob says Taylor was wearing little gray spandex and made him feel much better about himself@HisGoldenEyes: Rob's favorite trait about Edward is that he's humble@LittleLauren: What aspect was hard to play in 'Eclipse' for Rob? He's pretty stumped (told the crowd to shut up. LOL)@letmesigndotcom: Rob "taylor fequently out man's me"
@RobPattzNews Rob: He can't think what his fave part of Edward.. Says he hasn't slept, "Kris says he's been working all night" #WFE
@TwilightLexicon: Rob says he's been awake too long and is in a very strange mood and can't answer questions well.
@LittleLauren Rob is heckling the crowd for interrupting his answers. Cast is slightly getting frustrated.@KrisStewDaily Rob said taylor's nipples are hard Rob and Taylor are bantering back and forth a lot. Very funny. They seem a lot more comfortable together than they used to be (@twilighterz)RT @DianaMelR "Taylors nipples got hard really easily" -rob
twilighterz: Rob says "I just love babies"
@TwiExaminer #twitour Most looking fwd to in BD; R- "don't u sleep with a baby in it?" to T. "I can't wait for the day." T says "don't u sleep with her in it?" R:laughs... R:"yeah, I mean, I just love babies
RT @TwilightLexicon Taylor says to Rob, "Don't you sleep with her (pointing to KStew) in it?"RT @HisGoldenEyes Rob is most looking forward to filming the "Scene with the baby in it."@infektion Some girls just chanted I need you rob he looked horrified LOL@DianaMelR: Taylor totally threw rob & kris under the bus "don't you guys sleep together in it?" Question: what scene looking forward to in BD?
@RobPattzNews They just made Rob say "nachos".. He did..
RT @HisGoldenEyes: Rob wants his son to play him in the movie of his life.
@TwilightLexicon: Advice from Robs dad is to be nice to everyone now when you have success because you will need help when you are down.
@TwilightLexicon A fan just shouted "I LOVE YOU ROB" and it was a GUY! LOL
@ LittleLauren Rob says that 'The Runaways' is his favorite movie. LOL@twilighterz: Fav movie to shoot? K: Twilight; T: Eclipse; R: Twilight
@twilighterz: Kristen jokes back and says Remember Me is her fave movie@TwilightLexicon: It took Rob a while to feel the energy and really "get" what fans felt for Twilight.
@DianaMelR Oh but before she said remember she got embarrassed by robs answer & playfully kicked him. Then said remember me.
@TwilightFB: Rob just got asked in an interview about how he felt about being 'typecasted'.
@LittleLauren: Rob is flustered at the most overused questions. Crowd keeps shouting out things...YOU get the picture.@poetrytoprose: taylor pushed his chair away from rob and kristen
@TwilightLexicon Taylor moved his chair away out of protest and then came back and KStew said "Oh you think you can sit with us again?"
@TwiExaminer: #twitour r says the what kinda pranks onset ? That came up is the one he hates the most.
#twitour rob wanted to use kungfu pants in eclipse but got shut down
@TwilightLexicon: No really, he says there is so much stuff on his laptop. But "shouldn't I grab my mother or something?"'
@HisGoldenEyes: People keep screaming. Rob: "This sounds like my house
LittleLauren: Rob says that the best thing he's learned from the series is appreciating the fans and wanting to keep real romance alive. YEAH!
@LittleLauren Rob says all the I love yous being shouted out is like being at home and his family saying all that, plus "SHUT UP!!". LOL
@IceAngel34 Rob talks about how people want to keep real romance alive, K makes fun of him, he smacks her & tells her to shut up
@HisGoldenEyes: Rob says that he loves how twilight proves there are so many people who want real romance to stay alive.
@TwilightLexicon: Rob says what he learned from this whole experience is the hope that there are ppl who really want to keep real love alive in synical world.
RT @robkris13: Kristen said Little Ashes & Remember Me...told Rob she would say all his movies





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