Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fan Report From The Set Of Bel Ami

So as some of you knew already,I have visited the Bel Ami set. I am in love and I feel like the luckiest bitch on the planet.

I was up for like 50 hours and I was waiting for Georges Du Roy to show up 12 hours not talking about the shooting but every moment was worth it.
First of all don't believe any of the rumors bc the biggest hungarian Rob site is full of crap,it's a worthless piece of shit. They are liars and they post everything what they can without any proof and they making up things.For example: TomStu wasn't there,neither Uma or Christina. 
Little about the hungarian "fans",they are major case of secondhand embarassment. They called Kristen a chit of a girl,and they said they can't get how could Rob dating her.Well not everyone is a Robsten but those idiot ho-bags called her Kirsten!! And they were totally informed bc they were having a conversation about that they have seen a RM video specificly the shower scene and allegedly Kristen and Dakota will make out in TR.They also have brought with themselves books about Robert and they thought that he wrote that by himself,they also brought EC to get signed,not Bel Ami no EC.That's the support. Some of the twihards thought that if they wear a sequined little top,with high hills and a little skirt they will make a good impression,well I was wearing two t-shirt,my warmest hoodie,a coat and I was still freezing.
They are not as quiet as you think and the worst part when Rob was shooting in front of them,they were flirting with the security,my heart was broken,you know I was waiting to see him like 20 hours and when I finally got to see him,the girls next to me totally ignored him. And when some fans saw him they couldn't shut their mouth up and when we shh-t them,Rob was looking at us.
And if it's not enough some girls asked the security to give them Rob's used bottle and they have licked it. Ewww.
The hungarian press was mad bc Rob didn't cooperate with them and they have missed the hungarian hail and they embarassed themselves in front of the sec. What a shame.
Guess whatA woman brought her baby to the set in the middle of the night. Some idiot broke the rules and they sneaked out to a garden right in front of the shooting and the police was must chase them,and I am sure Rob was a witness of it.

You can see the garden here. Btw,I tried to make pics and videos but they were blurry and I got to choose between focusing on making a good one or just getting dazzled by Rob and you can guess why I don't have just a little few pics. Anyways there were english and italian paparazzies so non of us are left without pics.

Here comes the Rob part.
So in the first day I was in the way out so when Rob arrived to the set and when he left I was a witness of it. We were like 30 and when Rob got out of the car he seemed serious/sad,no wonder bc of the outside of the crossing right in front of the shooting 300 or more fans and paparazzies were waiting for him.
Funny but Kristin wasn't as protected as Rob. And this night when Rob finished a scene they took him out for 2 hour and they got him back,probably for safety reasons.
By the end of the night we were like 40 or less and he was shooting an another insider scene with Kristin in a chaise which we couldn' see. It was too well hided.He also shot an insider scene in an another building with Kristin and when he came there we followed him (me and my friend)  bc other fans were waiting for him in the entrance to show up and when a bus came with a board crew we knew it was him,but we couldn't follow him enough fast. No worries it wasn't creepy or stalkerish. Fans are so stupid.

In the second day they were shooting in the poorest girth of the city and he had to shoot in one of those houses. And he was extremely kind bc he gave autographs to the gipsy kids,IMO he saw that they are living here and he had to make some sort of kindness to them. This has really happened,the boss of the sec told us. He wasn't glad because it wasn't allowed him,but he is Rob so he did it. The hungarian reality ... a kid asked him to sign Rob's name to the laptop not his ... hello ebay!!

We were locked behind a cordon and somehow me and my friends made to the first row,no wonder how. lol. Behind us they were a tons of fans but they left when he came or the left when he shot a test scene. The whole crew was very pissed bc those fans were loud and unrespectful so they shot the indoor scene first and when the real fans left only they shot the outdoor. He was extremely gorgeous and humble,you have no idea how much,when he finished a scene he went to see it with the director. And he was so insecure and sweet. He is even cuter in alive,I wish I could cuddle him. He is a really really sweet boy.
They made some stills,some of when he smokes,that was the sexiest thing I have ever seen,some when he looks back or when he walks,darlings when they come out you will jizz in your panties. He is a sexgod and period clothes are invented for him.

And here comes the best part.
When he finished he made a smirk and waved but not all of us could see it so when he was about to leave he stopped his car right in front of the three of us and he pulled down his window and he smiled us and waved to us. He was sweating so three mop of his hair was curly.It was totally spontain and extremely awesome. He did this to us. Maybe he is not allowed to take pics with us but he was like 20 centimetres away from me!! And he was so thoughtful and flattered and grateful so he felt he has to do sg to us. In NYC fans broke the rules for him,here he broke the rules for us. Just think about it,which person would do that? That's why I love him,that's the reason I was waiting for him 12 hours on foot without peeing,bc he is the most wonderful person in the whole world and the bitch who said he is a heartless,self-obsessed starlet needs to DIAF! 

When he finished this scene he went to an another,to the restaurant scene and he was away for three hours. I was in the first row again so everytime if he was shooting or arriving or leaving he had to see me. What can I say,diehard fan is diehard,but I didn't scream or make any noise or taking pics,I was happy to see him.
He shot a scene when he couldn't afford to eat in a fancy restaurant,after 30 mins they hid the shoot bc of the street. But we could see him and he was amazing! He was so genuine and he had this little slip of paper with his lines,I have always wondered how he learns all those lines so fast,well the mistery is solved. 
He was so smiley all along and when he was about to shoot he put his hat down and flipped his jelly hair. And he laughed a big and he was flirting with the girl members of the crew. 

IMO he is having a good time here,he makes this incredible actions for us and he is smiley and this shooting can not be compared to the NYC's.
Rumor says that he greeted the fans and he said Happy Easter in hungarian today,but it's not 100% positive but I wouldn't be surprised.
The crew is extremely kind too. They greeted us and they seemed really sweet they were all smiley too.

Thank you for reading,I hope you didn't get bored by this novel and if you have any q's just ask.
These have been the best two days of my life. I will never forget it.

Ohh,I forgot a policeman was talking with a sec guy and he said that when Rob was leaving from the set the driver was talking to him but he didn't answer bc he was blackout in a car right away,poor tired bb, He gaped a lot but I had no idea that he was sleepy that much. He was freezing too and he shot 6 in one block,and he was still so concentrated and dazzling.

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