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News of the Worlds Remember Me Review

Remember Me (12A)

Verdict: You sure as hell won't forget it ***

 By Robbie Collin, 03/04/2010

HUH? Guh? And furthermore, whuh-thuh-fuh?

 Call off the search. Burn the ballot papers. The winner of 2010's Most Completely Wackadoo Film Ending has been found.
 Robert Pattinson's Remember Me - a teen-pleasing, low-key indie romance with one of the most demented final twists ever.
I'm not going to reveal what it is here. And after much chin-stroking I'm not convinced - as many reviewers from the US of A are - that it's evil, amoral and cheap.
 It's just such a jaw-droppingly WEIRD decision that it'll turn off a fair portion of the audience in one slow zoom-out.

The film kicks off in 1991, with a harrowing scene in which a young girl sees her mum gunned down on the subway by two muggers.
Fast-forward 10 years and we meet Tyler Hawkins (R-Pattz), a brooding New York student whose relationship with his business hotshot dad (Pierce Brosnan) is at an all-time low.
After a run-in with a tough cop (Chris Cooper), Tyler gets his revenge by bedding the cop's daughter Ally (Lost's Emilie de Ravin), who happens to be the young girl from the intro. They bond over shared traumas, mope around R-Pattz's grungy digs, and enjoy some gold-lit rumpo to the music of Sigur Ros.
This all combines into a superior slice of teen angst, and Pattinson proves what anyone with half a brain realised after New Moon - forget the lunatic hype, the guy's actually a decent actor.
 But to be honest, the only thing you'll be thinking about afterwards is THAT ending, and whether it's a genuinely heartfelt twist or the cheapest play for tears you've ever seen. Truth is, it's a bit of both.
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